Fear or Laziness?

by writergirl68

That is the question.  A question that I always have to ask myself.  A few years ago I was reading an affirmation about living a great life and it stated that often times people say they fear doing certain thing when actually it’s just them being lazy.  I actually took offense to that.  But then I had to look at my procrastinating ways and I had to admit there may be some merit to that statement.  I didn’t like that because I had to admit that I was being lazy and not fearful.  Being fearful would mean that there is something that lends a type of a psychological paralysis that prevents you from doing something.  Being lazy means you are able to do what needs to be done but you don’t simply because you’re choosing to be idle with your time.   Time is a very precious commodity that once it’s gone you cannot get it back.  Being fearful at times is something that a person needs genuine help to work through, being lazy is just that.  Hmmm, not a very good quality once you get right down to it,  I am guilty of labeling my laziness as fear as an excuse.  It robs you of precious time, robs you of having a great quality of life and robs the world of the good you could be doing.  So the next time you think you’re being fearful, could it actually be that you’re procrastinating yet again?