Sometimes you may have to go it alone.

by writergirl68


Recently I learned a hard lesson, one that REALLY hurt my feelings.  A friend of mine and I planned a fundraiser for the non-profit we co-founded and we were excited not only because this was our first fundraiser but that it was for a great cause.  We planned the event, had tickets printed, did the social media and word of mouth push, generated what we thought was great excitement for this event.  Three days before the event we had to cancel due to lack of support.  Lack of support from our personal circles and lack of support from the community.  This was a harsh reality that we took extremely hard.  We were doing something good and it seemed no one cared.   And that is the long and the short of it.  Sometimes people just aren’t going to care and you must make a decision to go on without them.  People can be very self-centered and self-serving.  They aren’t interested in making a difference and don’t care about you making a difference.   Don’t let the apathy of others deter you from doing your good in the world.   There are people who need the good you are doing and are waiting to support you.  Don’t lose faith, don’t lose heart and don’t lose momentum. Persist and you will prevail.